Professional actor

Training and other Professional Experience


Acting Training:


2001-2004: GITIS Scandinavia graduating with a bachelor's degree in dramatic arts


2000-2001: First year at the theatre school TeaterStudio's 3-year progamme in Aarhus under Mikhail Belinson

  • incl. the plays Lonely but Dancing by Mikhail Belinson and Circus Freestyle by Vladimir Korshunov


2000: Three months full-time theatre course at 90’ernes Daghøjskole in Aarhus under Helle Brokjær Nielsen

  • incl. the working demonstration Maybe Tomorrow!


1998: Five months full-time course in physical theatre at Byhøjskolen in Aarhus under Jona Ingolsdottir

  • incl. the play Thorvaldsen Drags a Whale - Find your Inner Fish



Other Education:


1990-1997: Studies in Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Aarhus (not completed)

1988-1990: Qualifying Examination for University, spec. in Math. & Phys. from Aarhus Akademi

1985: Military Service at Høvelte Barracks in The Supply Troops

1981-1984: Trained as a Carpenter from Aarhus Technical College



Other Professional Experience:


- Substitute teacher

- IT support, service and marketing

- Telemarketing Salesman
- Aide for a disabled person
- Service Guard
- Truck Driver
- Shop Assistant
- Nurse's Aide
- Carpenter

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