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News Archive 2022-23



13th October and 3rd November 2023
In these two days, we are recording the 2nd episode of our mini web series Fårking Boomers.
Produced by and this time directed by Malte Claudio Lind.
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Watch the first pilot episode by clicking on the picture.



24th August 2023
Today I have a shooting day as a German truck driver in the TV series Hvide Sande, season 2.
Produced by Deluca Film and directed by Mads Kamp Thulstrup.



16th May 2023

Synoptik chooses to extend the advertising campaign from 2022 by one more year.

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10th, 22nd and 25th May 2023

Filming for Mørkeland - a new feature film and follow up on Kongekabale from 2004.
Produced by Meta Film and directed by Mikkel Serup.
02.05.24: See the new trailer here:



19th January 2023
Forum Theatre job for the good and informative dialogue with the citizens together with two female acting colleagues for Rødovre Municipality performed in Viften, Rødovre.
Consultant and facilitator is Peter Frandsen, Forumteatret.



13th December 2022
Dubbing my dialogue in Sygeplejersken (The Nurse) at Mainstream in Filmbyen.
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1st December 2022
Performing two different conflicting dilemma plays together with two female acting colleagues for the teachers at a school in Copenhagen about the internal rhetoric, which can influence and maintain the understanding of the students, and the relational stress the teachers can experience in their meetings with the parents.
Consultant is Kirstine Hørlück Janns, Human House.



25th April and 25th May 2022
Two days of filming as the head of investigation Søren Ravn on Sygeplejersken (The Nurse) - a new Netflix series produced by SAM Productions and directed by Kasper Barfoed.
See the official teaser here:



22nd-24th. April 2022
Currently filming for the short film TA-DA!, written and directed by Taylor Hudson Jenisch and produced by Burning Boat.
I play the character Ole, who together with his wife experiences some unusual and intrusive entertainment at a couple's dinner.



25th March 2022
Today I'm filming a commercial for Synoptik.
The director is Stevan Treshow, and the production company is Kind Film.