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May 2015: "I have had the pleasure of using Jan's abilities as an actor and consultant again. Jan exerted his work with great professionalism and provided the participants on the conflict management course with good feedback on both what they did well and what they needed to work more on. A thoroughly professional effort. I'll be using Jan again on future courses."
Johan Williams, Occupational and Organisational Psychologist (authorized) at Crecea. External link
April 2014: "I have been working with Jan for six years through my work as a business psychologist. The tasks have been to stage current problems, such as stress, alcohol problems and bullying or cooperation difficulties in management training programs, training of health and safety organizations or upgrading of employees with special tasks.
Jan is focused and has a special ability to reflect customers' problems through his acting. I can greatly recommend him when there is a need to focus on issues that are hard to talk about and deal with.
I have had a rewarding and fruitful cooperation so far and hope it continues in the future."
Stine Moesmand, Chief consultant, Business psychologist at Alectia.
December 2013: "Jan has in his work for CRECEA A/S, worked professionally with humor and talent shining through his acting. Good work and I can recommend to use Jan as an actor for presentations and other organizational tasks."
Johan Williams, Occupational and Organisational Psychologist (authorized) at Crecea.
August 2012: "We used Jan as an actor where he played a demanding and strange customer for our top management. The goal was to get people to think out of the box. This was a difficult task with the regard to the set-up. He was very much into the creating of the concept and the result turned out very well. He was very easy working always with a balance and perspectives. Best recommendations."
Arild H. Liland, Vice President Marketing, eCommerce Division at Bring.
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