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News Archive 2009



9th and 15th-17th December 2009

Recording the short film Nissebageren (Gnome Baker).

It is a film about time travel, cake factories and about meeting oneself. I play The Mysterious Man.

The film is supported by Aarhus Film Workshop and written and directed by Christian B. Frederiksen.



14th-15th November 2009

Playing the lead in the short film De Undværlige (The Dispensables) about a society where the kids have taken the control.

The film is made by a group of students at Station Next and is directed by Simon Brix.

See the movie here.



25th October 2009

Today I am recording a translated and edited version of Blake’s (Alec Baldwin) monologue from the movie Glengarry Glen Ross with Thomas Behrndtz behind the camera.



17th October 2009

Today recording a pilot for the feature film Søvnløs (Sleepless) starring Søren Rossen.

The film is an action thriller and I play his friend Martin.

Sohail A. Hassan is the Director and it is produced by Pure Fiction Film.

Watch the pilot here.



23rd September 2009

Teaching and Acting job for Forumteatret Replik in a workshop at Niels Brock on Personal Branding.

We are working with prestige and presentation.



29th-30th July 2009

Playing the Pedagogue Peter in the zombie short film Mors Dag (Mother's Day).

The film is written by Ruben Greis, directed by Jonas Kvist Jensen and produced by Lonetower Visuals.

It will become a part of a collection of horror short films, which is released on DVD in 2012 titled Supernatural Tales.



25th June 2009

Actor for ACT! Using the techniques of One to One training and Forum Theatre in the training of Managers in Golemans Leadership Styles. Arranged by Mannaz.



5th June 2009

Once again doing voice over and necessary dubbing for my character in the feature film Mord på mere end én Måde (Multiple Means of Murder). This time in a sound studio by Anders Due-Boje.

See more here.



24th-25th May 2009

I will be recording the role of Financial Advisor in an advertising/image film for the German Residential Mortgage Broker, Interhyp.

The film will be recorded in Hamburg and produced by MillerTime production.

Directors are Matthias Freier and Alexander Eckert from freier.eckert.

German version - 2:49 min.

English version - 2:14 min.



30th April 2009

Yet another job for Healthy Company in One to One training training Health Ambassadors in promoting Health Priorities in their respective companies.

Ditte-Marie K. Jacobsen is coordinator for the actors.



28th-29th April 2009

I will be performing in two Cimber Sterling commercials set during the 1950s, where I will be playing a husband and a businessman respectively.

Directed by Michael Toft and produced by STV.

Foreign Travel

Domestic Travel



24th April 2009

I will be playing an Attorney in the graduation short film Et ståsted (A Place to Be) by Lys Egholm, student at the FAMU film school in Prague.



21st April 2009

Job for Healthy Company in One to One training training Health Ambassadors in promoting Health Priorities in their respective companies.

Ditte-Marie K. Jacobsen is coordinator for the actors.



4th April 2009

Participating at the Closing Ceremony for the last class of actors from GITIS Scandinavia. GITIS Scandinavia produced five classes of trained actors from all over Scandinavia in the period from 2001-2009, of which we are only 7 actors from Denmark. Read more here and here.



24th March 2009

Playing the lead in the short film Knock Knock about a man who hears all sorts of noises while trying to fall asleep.

The film is made by a group of students at Solrød Gymnasium and is directed by Thomas Jensen.



4th-5th March, 14th-16th April and 4th May 2009

I will be performing the recurring role of an employee at the IT company Axcess in a Corporate Film that is both humorous (written by Dan Schlosser) yet informative.

The film is directed and produced by Mikael RyelundSanzaboe Production.

Here you can see scene 1.



2nd March 2009

Playing the male part in the short film Smiley by Andreas Hjortdal about a young woman who lures men into an ambush and then proceeds to kill them. The film is a production from KBH Film & Fotoskole.



27th February 2009

Today playing a Prison Officer in the short film Efterår (Fall), written and directed by Lasse Buch and supported by Copenhagen Film Workshop.



14th-16th February 2009

Is dedicated to the horror short film Engel (Angel), where I am playing a man who kidnaps and kills children.
The graduation film is produced by a group of students from Media College Denmark and written and directed by Rasmus Pilgaard.



30th January 2009

Starting today I will be affiliated with Actors in Business (formerly Act Inc.), as a Corporate Actor.



26th-29th January 2009

Playing a Supervisor in the campaign film Selvfølgelig kan det lade sig gøre (Of Course It's Possible) for Projekt KLAP.
A project to help young people with learning disabilities gain employment in regular jobs.
Written, directed and edited by Ronald Andersen and produced by TV-Glad.



14th-15th January 2009
Playing the Conscience in a campaign film called Samvittighed (Conscience) - a midterm production by Thomas Behrndtz, TV & Media student at Media College, Copenhagen.