Professional actor



I am a trained actor from GITIS Scandinavia 2001-2004 with a bachelor's degree in dramatic arts.


GITIS Scandinavia was from 2001-2009 the International Department of GITIS, The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, in Moscow.


GITIS Scandinavia offered in this period full-time acting training here in Denmark. The school was located in Aarhus and the teaching was in English. The teaching methods were based on the Stanislavskij System just like in Moscow.


GITIS in Moscow is the largest institution of higher education for the theatre in Russia, with faculties such as Acting, Directing, Theatre History, Production and Set Design. GITIS in Moscow was founded in 1878.


Teaching and examination at GITIS Scandinavia in the following subjects:


  • Acting technique
  • Scenic speech and voice training
  • Scenic movement, acrobatics and stunt
  • Fencing
  • Dance, ballet and step
  • Solo- and choral singing
  • Theatre History
  • History of Literature
  • World History
  • History of Visual Art
  • Philosophy of Art
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Music History
  • Musical grammar
  • English grammar


Latest news


may 2024: episode 3&4 of the web series fårking boomers


march 2024: speaks for a tv series by thomas vinterberg


feb. 2024: dilemma plays for human house 


oct./nov. 2023: 2nd ep. of the web series fårking boomers


august 2023: starring in the tv series hvide sande, season 2




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