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News Archive 2008



17th December 2008

Dubbing my dialogue in the feature film Westbrick Murders. See more here.



16th December 2008

Actor for ACT! using One to One training in the teaching of Managers in Golemans Leadership Styles. Arranged by Mannaz.



22nd-24th November 2008

These days I will be playing the male lead in a short film called Tina, as a family father who has contacted a teenage girl through the internet, and eventually makes arrangements to meet and purchase sexual services from her.

This film contains minor objectionable scenes. Can be seen here.

Written and directed by Meeto Grevsen.



18th November 2008

After having participated in the international casting workshop On-Camera Master Class: Focus on Casting; between the 29th of September until the 3rd of October, with Nancy Bishop; I have made this English Showreel.

The Reel is edited by Jazbo Gross.



14th November 2008
Playing the drunk Colonel in Murder Mystery
an interactive live play for companies etc. where they as participants play detectives and will interview the different characters played by us in order to solve the murder mystery.

Arranged by World of Adventure and led by Dorte Panch.



19th and 21st October 2008

Playing the Manager at a laundromat in the short film Kaleidoscope.

Screenwriter and Director is Daniel Borgman. Producer is Katja Adomeit.



27th-28th September 2008

Playing the husbond in the short film Skinnet Bedrager (Shining Deception) about a married couple who lose their jobs, status and money but eventually discovers that the love between them is unchanged.

Produced by Media Studies, University of Copenhagen and directed by Lasse Buch.



18th September 2008

Today I will be performing in a Forum Theatre Showcase for Forumteatret Replik in Boxen, at Folketeatret from 3.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. about absenteeism and conflict solving.



6th August 2008

Doing voice over for my character in the feature film Mord på mere end én Måde (Multiple Means of Murder).

See more here.



23rd July 2008

Today playing the lead as a Hunter in a short film written, directed and produced by Klara Veegh.

Wine of Ages is a satirical story about society's treatment of the elderly.



10th July 2008

I have made ​​English subtitles for my Showreel 2007 and Showreel Teaser 2007 translated by Jazbo Gross.

Showreel 2007

Showreel Teaser 2007



12th June 2008

Actor for ACT! in One to One training training Corporate Managers in Situational Leadership II.



12th-15th May 2008

Playing a quiet and lonely man who one day is invited out on a date by a woman he passes every day on his way to work.

The short film is produced by a group of students at Media College Denmark, written and directed by Rasmus Pilgaard and is called En slags Kærlighed (A Kind of Love).



17th April 2008

From today one of twelve actors connected to Forumteatret Replik as Corporate Actors.



9th April 2008

Today I am playing a Detective in the second season episode 21 of the TV3 series 2900 Happiness where I will search an apartment together with a colleague.

The episode is directed by Martin Schmidt and produced by Nordisk Film.



7th April 2008

Playing a father on his way home to his little daughter in a commercial for De Gule Sider (Yellow Pages).

The film is one of ten new Yellow Pages commercials directed by Michael Toft and produced by BBDO.



27th March 2008

Actor for ACT! in One to One training training Corporate Managers in Situational Leadership II.



21st-22nd February 2008

Playing the lead in an Interactive E-learning Film for a large danish company.

The film is produced by Transform, Norway and directed by Eric Kirkman.



11th-14th February 2008

Playing the male lead as a Detective in the graduation film En enkel Sandhed (A Simple Truth) for a group of students at Media College Denmark. The short film is written and directed by Anna Bøtter Knudsen.