Professional actor

News Archive 2006



12th and 30th November 2006:

Playing the best friend Cliff to the lead character Craig in the feature film of the same name.

The horror film is written and directed by Kim Sønderholm and produced by Cetus Productions.



11th November 2006:

Playing the lead in the short film Smil (Smile).

A silent black and white movie about how a child imagines the perfect world.

Produced by Station Next and directed by Freya Sindberg.



25th-26th October 2006:

Playing the role of a Forensic Technician in the feature film Westbrick Murders - a crime thriller directed and produced by Shaun Rana.



4th-5th October 2006:

Actor for ACT! on a large HR fair in Copenhagen.



21st September 2006:

Actor for ACT! using One to One training in the teaching of Conflict Resolution between co-workers.



15th September 2006:

The short film Kaffeterror (Coffee Terror), in which I play the lead, wins the first prize at Buster (Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth) 2006 in the category Films Made by Young People.

See more here.



8th September 2006:

Playing the lead in a short film made ​​by Angus Stevner and Magnus Skovrind Pedersen for VideoMarathon 2006.

The subject is integration.



7th August 2006

Forum Theatre job for a company together with ACT!.

This time about the problems that can occur in a teaching situation.



25th-26th July 2006

Playing Prison Officer 1 briefing Anna Pihl and her partner Kim about a suicidal on the roof top of the prison in episode 13 of the TV Series Anna Pihl.

The episode is directed by Morten Arnfred and produced by Cosmo Film.



6th July 2006

Playing the lead as Presenter in an interactive film for schoolchildren about terrorism, media coverage and the information society of today, called Medusas Døtre (Medusas Daughters) at Post og Tele Museum Danmark.

The film is designed in collaboration with Zentropa Interaction and directed by Martin Johansen.



4th June 2006

Playing a surprised and annoyed customer in a second hand store opposite Thomas Levin and Lykke Sand in the Super 16 graduation film Daddy-0.

The film is written by Lars Hvidberg and directed by Esben Larsen and can be seen on Super 16's homepage here.



17th May 2006

Job for ACT! as an actor in One to One training training Managers in positive reinforcement at the workplace.

Their company is about to be sold and the purpose of the training is to prevent the staff from leaving during this period.



29th April 2006

Two time Audience Award recipient this weekend.


Brutal Incasso won The Audience Award for Best Film at The Weekend of Fear Film Festival in Nürnberg.


And Enebarn (Only Child) won the  Audience Award for Best Film at the B-Film Festival at Avedøre Gymnasium.



27th April 2006

Job for ACT! as an actor in One to One training training Business Leaders in handling a firing situation correctly.



21st April 2006

Playing a Samaritan in a final production from the European Film College.

The short film is called Is i Maven (Ice in the Stomach) and is written and directed by Mads S. Nielsen.



7th-9th April 2006

Playing the lead in the short film Kaffeterror (Coffee Terror), a film asking the question, what is worse - indifference or fanaticism?

The film is produced by Station Next and directed by Magnus Skovrind Pedersen.



6th-7th and 18th-19th April 2006

Playing the lead in a final production from KBH Film & Fotoskole.

En herrens Dag (Some Crazy Day) is about a very temperamental guy who in his anger kills two other men, but later is given a second chance by St. Peter to change the things he has done.

Written and directed by Tine Alavi.



4th March 2006

Playing the lead as a loud and jolly footballfan in the short film Network. An internal corporate video for the company CSC.

The language is English and the Director is Søren Balle. Filmed and produced by Jacob Christensen.



26th-27th February and 5th, 11th and 13th March 2006

Playing the father in the short film Enebarn (Only Child).

A creepy little horror story about two parents who 10 years after the birth of their son still can't overcome the fact that they didn't get the girlchild they so strongly wished for.

Directing and co-writing: Jazbo Gross. Produced by Avedøre Gymnasium.



25th January 2006

Participating in a commercial for M2-houses.

Produced by Locomotion and directed by Joachim Nielsen.



23rd and 27th January 2006

Playing an absent-minded and slightly self-centred father in the short film Pigen Frank og de andre Verdener (The Girl Frank and the Other Worlds), written and directed by Emelie Lindblom and produced by Cavemen Media.