Professional actor

Most Important Work



2024: MØRKELAND - more later. Directed by Mikkel Serup, Meta Film

2020: DE FORBANDEDE ÅR (Into the Darkness) - German 1. Directed by Anders Refn, Space Rocket Nation

2012: HVIDSTEN GRUPPEN (This Life) - Müller. Directed by Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis, Regner Grasten Film

2011: UPSTAIRS (short film) - Kristian. Directed by Jesper Maintz, Basmati Film/New Danish Screen

2010: MULTIPLE MEANS OF MURDER - Henrik. Directed by Jonas Kvist Jensen, Lonetower Visuals

2010: WESTBRICK MURDERS - Forensic Technician. Directed & produced by Shaun Rana

2005: BRUTAL INCASSO - Eilert. Directed by Jonas Kvist Jensen, Lonetower Visuals


TV Series

2024: HVIDE SANDE, season 2 - German truck driver. Directed by Mads Kamp Thulstrup, Deluca Film

2023: SYGEPLEJERSKEN (The Nurse) - Søren Ravn. Directed by Kasper Barfoed, Netflix

2021: THE CHESTNUT MAN - Police Assistant, Møn Police Station. Directed by Kasper Barfoed, Netflix
2021: THE ALMOST PERFECT MURDER-The Mask Man - Jørgen Johansen. Directed by David Rue, TV2
2020: ULVEN KOMMER (Cry Wolf) - City councillor 2. Directed by May El-Toukhy, DR Drama
2014: BANKEN-New Normal - Parent. Directed by Nikolaj Feifer, DR2
2014: GERNINGSSTEDET (Crime Scene) - The Pyroman (lead). Directed by Jesper Mauritzen, TV2
2007: ANNA PIHL - Prison Officer 1. Directed by Morten Arnfred, TV2/Cosmo Film


Commercial Films (leads)

2022: SYNOPTIK - Man on couch. Directed by Stevan Treshow, Kind Film

2020: EESY - Man in deckchair. Directed by Stevan Treshow, Moland Film Company

2011: PEDIGREE - Veterinarian. Directed by Jakob Frölich, Friends Film

2010: IDEMØBLER - The host. Directed by Stevan Treshow, Treshow Filmproduction

2010: CANAL DIGITAL - Crazy neighbour in 2 commercials. Directed by Michael Toft, Bates Y&R

2009: CIMBER STERLING - Man from the 1950s in 2 commercials. Directed by Michael Toft, STV

2007: AUTOMESTER - Mechanic in 3 commercials. Directed by Mathias Deichmann, STV


Short Films, Interactive Films, Image Films, music videos e.g.

2003 - present: Actor in more than 85 different productions


Theatre Plays

2020: CIRKUS SARAGOSSA by Camilla Hübbe. Big Finn and Kriller (dubleant). Directed by Geir Sveaass, Teatret Masken

2012-2013: FORHØR (Interrogation) Improvised performance based on Quizoola!, Forsøgsstationen and Metronomen

2012: TAST 2 FOR PERSONLIG BETJENING (Press 2 for Personal Service) by Morten Dahl Lützhøft. John. TeaterHUSET

2005: THE DANCE OF DEATH by August Strindberg. Kurt. Directed by Peter Vincent, Mini Teateret

2004: THE NIGHT OF THE IGUANA by Tennessee Williams. Hank. Directed by Gytis Padegimas, GITIS Scandinavia
2004: DECAMERON by G. Boccacio. Student, Godfather and Priest. Directed by Vladimir Koifman, GITIS Scandinavia

2003: TIME AND THE CONWAYS by J.B Priestley. Alan Conway. Directed by Mikhail Belinson, GITIS Scandinavia


Educational theatre and communication training for:

2023: Forumteatret
2022 - now: Human House

2019: Institut for Relationspsykologi

2016: ArbejdsmiljøCentret

2013 - 2016: Crecea

2012 - 2016: Alectia

2011 - 2014: Actors in Business

2009 - 2011: Healthy Company

2008 - 2010: Forumteatret Replik

2005 - 2013: ACT!