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News Archive 2015



13th November 2015

Participating in a Theatre Audition for professional actors organized by The Danish Actors Association for the theatre industry and taking place at the Danish Actors Association premises in Copenhagen.

This time I perform with a self written monologue - Maria - about the lost love.



15th October 2015

Acting in a fictional commercial video for the beer Ale no 16. entitled ALE-ternativet and used for an examination by Lui Visbo who is studying at Danmarks medie og journalist højskole.



3rd October 2015

Today I had the honor of performing a civil marriage for a couple at Vallø Slotskro in South Zealand.
The couple has been secretly married at Køge City Hall exactly one year ago. But the celebration for the family and close friends had to wait until today, and so was the wedding ceremony 'recreated' in these beautiful surroundings with me as the councilor from the Municipality of Køge.
The guests took revelation with smiles and laughter mixed with some astonishment. And for me it was certainly a very touching experience with my tears forcing themselves tremendously, when the bride was lead up the floor.



25th August 2015

Performing three conflicting dilemma plays, about stress and the difficult conversation with your employees, together with two actor colleagues for a larger company's leaders. This time in Næstved.

Consultant is Stine Moesmand, Alectia.



28th May 2015

Filming two films called Trafikken & På pladsen (Traffic & At the Workplace) along with two actor colleagues for Asfaltindustrien about near-accidents. I am also the producer and the task responsible.

Consultant is Julie Wedell-Wedellsborg, Alectia.

See the films here.



20th-21st May 2015

2 days as an actor for Crecea with four different cases of One to One training in conflict managing different types of customers for the staff at Ærøfærgerne.

Consultant is Johan Williams.

Read more here.


"I have had the pleasure of using Jan's abilities as an actor and consultant again. Jan exerted his work with great professionalism and provided the participants on the conflict management course with good feedback on both what they did well and what they needed to work more on. A thoroughly professional effort. I'll be using Jan again on future courses."

Johan Williams, Occupational and Organisational Psychologist (authorized) at CRECEA A/S.



6th March 2015

Performing three dilemma plays about conflict management and the difficult conversation together with two actor colleagues for a part of a larger company's managers and employees. This time in Middelfart.

Consultant is Stine Moesmand, Alectia.