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News Archive 2014



4th December 2014

Performing three conflicting dilemma plays about stress and the difficult conversation together with two actor colleagues for a part of a larger company managers and middle managers.

Consultant is Lene Eriknauer, Alectia.



21st, 23rd and 29th October 2014

3 days with four different cases of One to One training about stress management facing the leaders of a larger company.

Consultant is Lene Eriknauer, Alectia.



11th October 2014

Playing in several small learning films for a campaign called Samarbejde Efter Skilsmisse (Cooperation After Divorce).

Script and direction by Ditte-Marie Kj√¶rgaard Jakobsen and produced by Assima.

Watch one of the films here.



25th September 2014

Performing three conflicting dilemma plays about stress and the difficult conversation together with two actor colleagues for a larger company's auditors.

Consultant is Stine Moesmand, Alectia.



29th August 2014

Doing two dilemma plays about conflict management together with an actor colleague at an employee day for Alectia.

Consultant is Stine Moesmand.



15th July 2014

Rights sold to Poland for a Polish dubbed version of the Pedigree commercial. See more here.



12th June 2014

Playing a parent in the 2nd half of episode 1 of Banken - New normal.

Directed by Nikolaj Feifer and produced by Respirator for DR2.



29th April 2014

Actor together with two colleagues doing three dilemma plays for Alectia about stress and the difficult conversation in front of the health and safety representatives at a large company. The task is to inspire for dialogue and discussion among the participants.

Consultant is Stine Moesmand.


"I have been working with Jan for six years through my work as a business psychologist. The tasks have been to stage current problems, such as stress, alcohol problems and bullying or cooperation difficulties in management training programs, training of health and safety organizations or upgrading of employees with special tasks.
Jan is focused and has a special ability to reflect customers' problems through his acting. I can greatly recommend him when there is a need to focus on issues that are hard to talk about and deal with.
I have had a rewarding and fruitful cooperation so far and hope it continues in the future."

Stine Moesmand, chief consultant, business psychologist at Alectia.



14th and 17th March 2014

Playing the man in a campaign film called Safety Comes From Within for a large Corporation about safety.

Director is Uffe Bryld and the production company is Citizen Dane.



26th February 2014

Actor for Actors in Business in One to One training for a company in connection with the training of their leaders in recruiting new employees.



8th January 2014

Playing the lead in the reconstruction in tonight's episode of Gerningsstedet (Crime Scene): Den Mystiske Pyroman (The Mysterious Pyroman) - second episode of a new crime documentary TV series on TV2

See more here.