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News Archive 2020-21



15th June 2021
Dubbing extra dialogue for the Netflix TV series The Chestnut Man at Tonestyrelsen.
See more here.



13th-14th June 2021
Playing one of the leading roles in the first pilot episode of the mini web series Fårking Boomers.
A humorous tale about modern skirmishes in a cooperative housing society.
The series has been created in a collaboration between four acting colleagues and is written by Trine Runge and directed by Emil Hansen.



8th April 2021

Doing a German speak assignment for the TV series Hvide Sande.
Performed together with sound engineer Anne Jensen out at Mainstream studios in Filmbyen.



10th-11th December 2020

Actor dubleant in three performances as Big Finn and Kriller in the children's theatre performance Cirkus Saragossa at Teatret Masken.



9th December 2020
Playing a police assistant at Møn police station in episode 5 of the Netflix TV series The Chestnut Man.
Produced by SAM Productions and the director is Kasper Barfoed.



11th and 18th November 2020

Acting these days as the Danish investigator Jørgen Johansen on the case of a child killer in The Mask Man a dramatization for the crime documentary series The Almost Perfect Murder for TV2. The Director is David Rue.



5th October - 21st November 2020
Doing an internship as an assistant director for Geir Sveaass during the creation of the children's theatre performance Cirkus Saragossa at Teatret Masken. My practical functions were here as stage manager and prompter.



28th-29th August 2020
These days I am filming together with the film school Super8.

I play the guard in the short film Drømme om Flugt (Dreams of Escape), about the conditions of a refugee child growing up in an exit center.
Director is Alexander Rahnami Mannstaedt, and producer is Jasmin Christensen.

See the movie here.



5th August - 22nd September 2020

Doing an internship as an assistant director for Geir Sveaass during the creation of the touring performance Den Gerrige (The Miser) by Molière at Folketeatret.



6th July 2020
New portraits taken by photographer Robin Skjoldborg. See them here.



1st July 2020
Today I am filming a commercial for Eesy mobile company.
The commercial is produced by Moland Film Company and directed by the eminent Stevan Treshow.



21st June 2020
New short reel consisting of movie clips from the last 10 years.
Editing: Sohail A. Hassan.



13th May 2020

I have written an article about the benefits of using actors in education in business.



28th February - 5th March 2020
5 days of playing a City councillor in episode 7 of the DR TV series Ulven Kommer (Cry Wolf).
May el-Toukhy is the director and DR Drama the producer.